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Ever since the name Saletify created a buzz in the digital media agency field, there have been numerous attempts to compartmentalize our expertise disregarding one quality for another. No matter what our rumored expertise may be, the core of our foundation has and even after achieving so much success, has always been – servitude. We strive to not only lead the digital marketing industry, but also to find innovative and better ways to satisfy all of our clients’ needs.

Led by a unique mix of individuals who boast local and global work experiences, the passion that we share for digitally representing our clients, be it creating few lines of content or a high-profile website, our team has been blessed to be doing all our tasks not as a job to be completed by a deadline, but as a challenge to ourselves and an opportunity to improve our field altogether. These two combinations – experience and passion has given us a lethal edge over our competitors and is the source of our confidence while handling projects of both domestic and international markets.

Our services go the full circle. Right from incepting ideas about building your business’s online presence, we conduct, monitor and regulate prospect handling, web marketing, promotions of the brand, building offline and online reach to your customers and also making sure the impression made by your brand is long lasting.

We believe that any web marketing company that has failed to collaborate effectively from the start of the project with the clients has already failed since the outcome must always be a mutual endeavor hence we expect a frank and free flowing degree of communication with our clients.

Saletify is owned by the prestigious TeamValue India and located in the hub of IT city Pune. We are proud to be leading the example set by our owners and team leaders by establishing a strong presence in both local and international arenas.

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We are what we do – It’s not a forced act, achieving landmarks in the digital world is our natural tendency.
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