Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the influencing or control of an individual’s or business’s reputation.

Why ORM is so important

Your online reputation is crucial for your success because it takes years to build and only a few minutes to ruin it completely. Your company could lose a lot of clients due to a single negative comment posted by an unsatisfied customer’s social profile. People like to share information and the bad comments about your business will be spread throughout the internet and you will lose out on a lot more business.

How our ORM service can help to your business

  • Analysis of brand performance in the web pages
  • Identification of negative issues on the web pages
  • Tracking all the communication channels and mediums
  • Content development, submission and optimization
  • Monitoring sites, blogs and blogging communities
  • Social bookmarking and article submission
  • Respond management

Our ORM service includes

  • Constant monitoring of your brand throughout the internet
  • Control of search engine mechanisms that provide positive information about your brand
  • Reducing any negative PR about your brand
  • Providing positive PR and to distributed to the most appropriate websites
  • Improving your images by nurturing positive reviews

What we do?

Strategy Creating

Letter Creating

Track Campaigns


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